So I was looking for more information on We Feel Fine and I stumbled upon this amazing website called Infosthetics that has an amazing library of online visualization projects. I think there are about 100 pages of archives and I looked at about 20, so there's much more for us to explore.

The one I'm going to share here is called falling times. It's supposed to be a commentary on the repetitiveness of the news and how they basically just feed us infotainment instead of information. The visualization includes pictograms that are supposed to be representations of the stories that are commonly included in the news. The pictograms fall from the top of the screen and when your cursor lands on top of an image, a headline from a newspaper pops up. The pictograms repeat themselves, but every time your cursor lands on the same image, a different headline pops up. The images fall pretty fast so I find that it's best to focus on a few images (like the coffin, the iPhone, the sex offender, the shooting).

I also found on the website a video of Jonathon Harris speaking about We Feel Fine and some of his other projects, but it was really slow on Infosthetics so I looked it up and watched it on YouTube instead.

Check out the website though because the visualization projects are awesome.

ps. without knowing that this was also by Jonathon Harris, I was going to post this one as one of my other favorites. It's called Universe