New Learning techniques(Also a brain break from project!)

Trying to find inspiration for my constantly disintegrating project I stumbled on this site, the purveyor of games that teach algebra and pre-algebra.

The games seem relatively interesting, but nothing special. I was amused/frightened/interested in some of the assertions they make.

First was the idea that this is a revolutionary system(To be fair the site doesn't make this claim outright, but stumbling on it, I think can fairly say that it is a message of their promotion. Which of us didn't grow up playing number munchers? This is only natural evolution of technology. What is more interesting is some other claims the do make.

"Using the latest 3-D, first-person video game technology, students complete missions by entering reality-based environments where they challenge themselves in single-player format or they can challenge others in a fast-paced multi-player format." ---I find the idea of reality-based environments interesting. Perhaps they mean goverened by the laws of physics. That is a classic claim of videogames, that I always find dubious. You mean things fall back to the ground? I think Wark has a lot to say about games being "reality based." I mean come on what reality.

On a research summit: "Participants included executives and developers from the video game industry and educational software publishers, researchers and experts on technology and pedagogy, representatives of user communities such as teachers and the U.S. military, R&D funders, and government policy-makers."
----This is exactly who I don't want designing more immersing, addicting and effective learning techniques. This paragraph makes a strong case for me that we should make children learn with absolutely no mediation or design. I don't care if they are stupider, they will think so much freer.

"...through a series of missions that bring math into a world that today's students understand. Research with our programs demonstrates how well they align with the way today's students learn and how naturally immersed students become in their learning."

I found this the most interesting assertion. That children understand best a video game environment. My initial reaction was to dismiss this immediately. As if children need to learn any differently today than they did 30 years ago. Video games are young! There is no way children are incapable of learning from paper. But then again name a 12 year old who hasn't learned the logic of the video game. Ong said that learning to write changed the structure of our brains and how we thought after we internalized the technology. Have children already done that with video games? Does a child growing up in New York, learn differently then one in Zambia? Do they need to be presented information in different ways? I want to say no. Will they in 50 years after digital logic has been instantiated?
I think this calls for a poll

interesting project. two students at pomona actually just won a few thousand dollars for designing a game that teaches physics to high school students. i think the game element definitely helps you learn the material better. the most important part, for me, is the logic of progression/advancement borrowed from games. the point seems to be to evoke the same kind of delight in mastering your vocabulary as beating the last level of [whatever the kids are playing these days]. for a very simple example, i'm really amazed how easy it is to learn geography on this website. i got 23/32 my first try for "countries - intermediate" and 29/32 my second try.