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Found This working on project.... it was both interesting and irritating.

I thought it was very self-defeating and pompous. Took an interesting premise and butchered it with a strange self-satisfying and superficial analysis. Maybe if anyone has time they can offer their own take.

wiki content


you win, campagnolo. i've successfully avoided seeing the two girls one cup video up until now. i think we're taking the wiki where no writing machines wiki has gone before... and it's no where i want to be either. have you seen kermit the frog's reaction?

Ender's Game

So, at my own academic peril, I just re-read Ender's Game . A helluva tale, everything you could want in a piece of science fiction and perfect, I think, for middle schoolers. There are two important games in the book. One is a fantasy game that all the cadets in battle school play on their memex-like "desks" which are essentially laptops that you put yourself into, similar to old fashioned cameras where the photographer got under a curtain.

stephanie's project


wow. stephanie, you have a lot to teach me about formatting. how did you do all that? especially your front page - that's amazing. also, i mentioned in my post to sam that i shared his problem of having an ugly block of text at the top of the page - how did you make yours centered and big like that?

this is perversely interesting


the bombshell.

do we really think that this is lori drew? would she really close with "here i am, internet. come get me."?? everything about the blog seems designed to provoke maximum outrage - and maximum readership. how perverted is it for someone to use this as a springboard to her fifteen minutes? how perverted is it that i could even consider that?

sam's project


as i've said before, i really like all the content up there (that was also on the wiki). i also like the skeleton you've put in place for the rest of it. where do you think the map will fit in? how present will it be? one extreme: it's on every page, along with a dot that tells you where you are. the other extreme: it's on only one page, and although it links out to all the pages, it's hard to get to. i imagine getting the map up there in the first place must be tough.

becca's project


well, i like it a lot. it's hard to go wrong with the little prince.

i like that that picture is on every page also. i think i told you that when i was talking to you in person.

class tomorrow?


uh... what are we doing in class tomorrow? are we supposed to look at something in particular?

oh, and here is that Collaborative Drawing site I was talking about. Check out the animated time-lapse of individual drawings, it's pretty cool.

shift space


shift space is really, really cool. at least, it has the potential to be really, really cool. there don't seem to be a whole lot of users yet, and most of the comments aren't all that interesting, but it's on its way. the image swap is a crazy feature. definitely watch the video posted there. and get an account for yourself. maybe i'll see you on the other side.


So I was looking for more information on We Feel Fine and I stumbled upon this amazing website called Infosthetics that has an amazing library of online visualization projects. I think there are about 100 pages of archives and I looked at about 20, so there's much more for us to explore.

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