more facade


well, i managed to get them to stay together. i don't think they're very happy though. also, i think that very little of what i type in affects the game at all. here's a partial transcript of my "generated stageplay":

Andrew, I know what you're hinting at...


about me...

Do you two want to hear the honest truth? Huh?

Andrew, do you want that?

let's eat

No, Andrew, just, yes or no, do you want to hear the truth?

(ANDREW comforts grace.)


i'm hungry




facade is crazy. i've played one round so far. i thought they didn't hear what i said at all, because they almost never responded to me. but then, a little way in, trip said "oh, i've heard what you've been saying tonight" and then pretty accurately listed off a few things i said. the ai can't be that good - they haven't made a program that can come close to passing a turing test yet, i don't think. still pretty impressive. something about the gameplay is really engaging, in a way i didn't find with adventure or zork.

Where are the Vishnu Cookies?

Meant to post this thought last week after we spent a lot of class talking about facebook. One thing we talked about was the difficulty of labeling identity constructs. What do we call that part of someone that is their facebook profile/blog personality/ virtual body?

term project

well, i've barely started thinking about my term project and already it has taken a different form. because the romans borrowed so many myths (all of their cool ones) whole cloth from the greeks, it's proving nearly impossible for me to find a myth that exists only in latin documents (i.e. ones that i can read).


I thought I would make this a new thread so it would be a little more immediate and present.

zork, adventure

i have found these games really, really frustrating. it's not at all intuitive what you are allowed to do and what you are not allowed to do. it seems like there's a logic to the games that you have to get used to, and it's a very different from how i usually think. i can imagine this sort of game being really, really cool with a better parser, but these early versions make me want to kill the computer. actually a bunch of times i tried to kill random objects out of anger ("kill rainbow," "kill grating,") and the game made some smart-ass remarks. that was probably the most fun part so far.



To begin, I'm definitely doing the creative project, since, how cool will it be to actually be a "published" hypertext author? Granted we fit into the "amateur" category that exists despite the internet being a reasonably democratic medium, now we can coolly demonstrate to all our friends who probably don't know that hypertext is that yeah, this is what we do in Writing Machines.

Face Book ((What literally?) Yes, Literally)

A brief Introduction. This is being posted at, I estimate, 1:30. I estimated at beginning of writing, and won't change it. Will that estimate be accurate? Am I lying? You'll never know and that is exactly the point.

A briefer introduction, which I promise is true. I have been thinking about this project for a week straight at the expense of other work. Such as posting on this blog. My hiatus as been well spent, I promise. I hope. We'll see.

a man, a plan, a hypertext: quetico

So I'm going to expand upon the contributions I've made to the class wiki and continue with a Quetico based hypertext. I want to write it on a storyspace type program that isn't a wiki. This is important to me because I want readers/users to read the text as a full-screen slideshow and not through their browser. Ideally it would be accessible through the web. I want the hypertext to be navigable through links in the text/images and through an interactive map of the lake country. This way a trip through the text can mirror a trip through the lakes.

Linear, this is Chaos, Chaos, meet Linear.

I plan on doing the creative option for my term project. As you can probably tell from class, I am resisting the change from novel to hypertext. I like the linearity, the completeness, and the closure that a novel can give me. We've talked in class about hypertexts that have been printed into books and many of us have tried to print certain Internet texts (like the Hayle's essay), which really should stay on the Internet. I would like to go in the opposite direction by changing a printed text into a hypertext.

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