narrative spread so thin you didn't even realize it was there

Walker needs to stop tossing around the word narrative. She admits as much:

•"Neither Obey nor Space Invaders uses narratie in the formal sense as defined by narratologists." (p. 14)

• "...if my various self-represenations on the web can be read as a narrative (and that may not be the best descriptive term), ..." (p. 15)

• "Perhaps these aggregated narratives are not true narratives." (p. 17)

A righteous Fellow

I can't help but tell this story. There is straight-up insane patron of a bar I attend in Minneapolis called Bullwinkle's. He is always there. I can't remember his name which is too bad.

Here is his deal. He pays you one hundred dollars and he tattoos a picture of his face on you. This has conditions. By taking his tattoo you joined his army. At some point in the future he will call you to rise up against the forces of capitalism.

Stumble Your Way into Art

Walker mentions a work called "The Unknown" in which the author encouraged inbound links so that readers would "stumble" upon the work, while on other websites. This made me think of an artist I was learning about in ceramics class (the name escapes me now, but I will post it on Tuesday) who would make really tiny models (I think of cities) and place them in random locations around cities like inside a phone booth or inside a museum stairwell. People who were going about their daily business would run into these really excquisite sculptures in the most mundane places.

My letter to Shelley

Dear Shelley,

Pessimism is ubiquitous today. You have the ability to relieve some.

I probably will never be published how and where I want to.

Until I found out you might be willing to publish on me.

I want you to appropriate my skin, and I will appropriate your word, and we will make sweet literary love with needle and ink.

I may be a year to late and 20,000 requests behind, but my skin is young and aching to transcend the limited communication of dimple constellations.
I hope you'll consider me for a word.

Devin Rapson
Minneapolis/Los Angeles


i showed both of these projects to one of my friends and she went pretty crazy for them. not crazy enough to get a tattoo, but crazy enough to talk with me about them for a while. these are two things that came out of the conversation.


oh yeah, the survey below is a result of me stumbling upon the survey option in creating content, so sorry for the poll trash. i <3 polls.

my proposal


here we go: my proposal

Oh No! A Term Project


I will print this out to bring in today as well.

I want nothing more than for this to be torn to pieces so the most prominent logical flaws will be solved, and I am sure, as you will see, you'll find many. Enjoy........................

I am settled on my premise, which is unfortunate as it is entirely preposterous. However, I assert emphatically that we live in an increasingly preposterous world, and there is nothing I aspire to more in creative writing than emphatic preposterousness.

term project

well, here is where i am with relation to my term project. it's changed a lot so far, and it'll probably change even more before all is said and done.

i have settled on the myth of arachne. for those of you who don't know it, here's a quick summary:

memex articles

The memex has been popping up in my mind recently as the msm likes to talk about these kinds of things. This New Yorker article and this Brooks' column pose the sames kinds of questions as Bush but don't offer any prescient solutions.

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