talks and narrative as performance

Some talks:

real vs. virtual collaboration

I really enjoyed Rettburg's article for the way it describes all the different facets of collective authorship. I guess I had been thinking of collective narratives mostly in terms of the final product/project, but Rettburg's description of his collaborative process of writing The Unknown sounded much more focused on the actual writing process as a kind of performance. Ranging from "in person get-togethers taking turns at the keyboard" to "collective expeditions" and "sessions with friends," much of the process was live collaboration as opposed to virtual.

collectivity online


here's an interesting example of online collectivitiy.

collectivity offline

random thoughts on collective narrative:



I don't want to post too much on ebooks, but reading this article made me re-realize how interesting I found the subject, and I had a few thoughts I hoped to get some reaction on.

my "distributed narrative"

Milliway's Bar:

"a pan-fandom livejournal role playing game." Not quite sure if this is a distributive narrative either, but it's easy to fit almost anything into a category that doesn't seem to have distinct boundaries.

instead of exploding outwards to the world around, this "narrative" takes multiple worlds and implodes them into one...

My selection for tomorrow

A Bliography?

Pepys' diary

I find this delightful.
Is it distributed narrative? I think so. It is interesting because of its multiple authorship, and outside linking. Interestingly the primary content was produced in a stuffy journal 400 years ago.

I think the questions of temporality are mesmerizing.

"totally against graffiti"


i haven't found a distributed narrative i want to talk about in class yet, but i did stumble upon this.

A plea for info



Borf is the tag of a graffiti artist who did most of his art in DC. His tag is supposed to be a reference to a friend of his, "Bobby Fisher" who committed suicide. I went to high school in the district and I remember everyone's excitement upon finding out that there was a Borf tag right next to our school.

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