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I think we agreed that we were gonna just put some stuff on the wiki and let it go for a while. So let me explain the content I'm gonna start to post. It doesn't need to be what we end up with or anything. I was thinking about the experience of reading these hypertexts and one thing it reminds me of is canoe trips through the systems of lakes and rivers that comprise the Minnesota-Ontario border. A typical trip is 2 weeks, starts at one lake and ends at another.

Afternoon Observations

-Titles are doing are lot more work here than we're used to. What kind of book is it in which every page has a title?


As soon as I saw Hayles' essay, I realized that I was supposed to read it online. The contents and endnotes all are hyperlinked. After five or so pages, though, my eyes cried mutiny. I much prefer reading on paper than on screen (I wonder how cultural vs. biological this is). I then read the print-out in front of the computer, which I used to access all the texts Hayles refers to. This worked for a time, but, with the sun shining merrily, I gave up and took the print-out outside.

What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun

While reading the introduction to "Hypertext 2.0," I was struck by how newer media seem not to create entirely new ways of reading or writing a text, but rather make certain pre-existing ways easier than before.

principles of new media have infiltrated my fashion


Well, well, well, looks like American Eagle has discovered the power of enticing consumers with "their own personalized identities" through the selection of various things you can put on this hoodie!AE hoodies



Since we've been talking a lot in this course about the ways that new media use pre-existing content, I thought that might be a nice place to start for our Wiki.

We could make a narrative out of content that already exists and mix different forms of media, like websites, books, videos and songs.

The other thing I thought of was that we could somehow give a different meaning to something that already exists. This is an example (and it's enjoyable so definitely watch it):

On lazy language


A very short entry and mostly just one question.
Reading Jughead's thoughts on NYtimes articles made me think of one I read that had me scratching my head.

Relatively Uninteresting Article

A run of the mill look at what the internet's been like for 4 years business piece. Except one thing which I'm sure is present elsewhere but haven't thought about until now.

democratization of technology

Those of you who happened to catch the business section of the NYTimes this morning might have seen this article on the new "Cubic" phone that's being marketed as "the first global mobile phone." a cellphone without bordes Although in theory you can make calls from your AT&T or T-Mobile phone using the same kind of international network, the ra

blooks for sale


So earlier I was reading a book called Good City Form for one of my other classes, and, although its author Kevin Lynch was not referring to media forms when he wrote it, I was struck in particular by one of his observations: "There is an inherent tension as well as a circularity between continuity and development--between the stabilities and connections needed for coherence and the ability to change and grow."

One Laptop Per Child


I picked up my Newsweek today and read an article about the "One Laptop Per Child" project. If you haven't heard about this you should check out
the OLPC news . The basic premise is that this non profit organization, which began with professor Negroponte from MIT, is in the process of producing extremely cheap laptops (they were supposed to be $100, but are actually $188) to sell to third world countries to help their education systems. You can also watch this demonstration of the laptop:

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