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Campagnolo's Project

So are you going to be using screen shots of real people's profiles, or are you just going to create entirely new ones? Also, if you want the pages to feel realistic, make sure you consider that in facebook, basically all of your information is an active link. You don't use facebook so I'm not sure whether you know this, but whenever someone updates their profile it says what they updated on theirmini feed. As in "Becca updated her About Me section." Are you going to be using this when you make the subtle and not so subtle changes? Or are they even more subtle than that?


So I'm finishing my project right now (or at least trying to) and I'm sort of stuck. Like I said in class, I have 100 or so pages and not enough post-Little-Prince published works to post next to my entries. I know some of you suggested I write my own content, but I'm hesitant to do that. I started to write some, but it's sort of against my whole project idea, which is that this website is the entire intertextual work of The Little Prince. I guess I feel like my personal additions seem out of place.


So I was looking for more information on We Feel Fine and I stumbled upon this amazing website called Infosthetics that has an amazing library of online visualization projects. I think there are about 100 pages of archives and I looked at about 20, so there's much more for us to explore.

wa wa wa wiki?


We need to make sure we don't forget about the wiki!!!! it needs some tender love and care, even though we are struggling with our projects. that's really all i had to say.


Borf is the tag of a graffiti artist who did most of his art in DC. His tag is supposed to be a reference to a friend of his, "Bobby Fisher" who committed suicide. I went to high school in the district and I remember everyone's excitement upon finding out that there was a Borf tag right next to our school.

Stumble Your Way into Art

Walker mentions a work called "The Unknown" in which the author encouraged inbound links so that readers would "stumble" upon the work, while on other websites. This made me think of an artist I was learning about in ceramics class (the name escapes me now, but I will post it on Tuesday) who would make really tiny models (I think of cities) and place them in random locations around cities like inside a phone booth or inside a museum stairwell. People who were going about their daily business would run into these really excquisite sculptures in the most mundane places.


In case you didn't check out my title, you should, because it is an example of why I disliked Lexia to perplexia. 31337 are numbers that are meant to represent the word "elite" and it is used on the internet along with other internet speak words like "pwn" and "n00b" to designate superiority. I only remembered the word "31337" because a guy I knew had it as his screen name and thoroughly enjoyed explaining to me what it meant.

What is a hypertext novel?

I was reading in "Writing Machines" about Phillip's art book that was created from Mallock's novel. In one part she writes (I'm looking for the quote now but I can't seem to find it) that Phillips said that if the novel sold well he could do 12 new pages and substitute them in the book so that the nth edition might not include any pieces from the original.

All's Fair in Love and War


I'm worried that the war part of the wiki is very text centered whereas the love part of the wiki is very link centered. my only worry is that the war one is setup for more growth right now... whereas the love one seems like a lot of the links are external so they sort of die (i guess?) and aren't easy to branch from. thoughts?

The E-Mail Novel

I really enjoyed reading "Kind of Blue." I thought the story itself was compelling and it was nice to have the reading broken up into little pieces (e-mails). E-mail is an interesting platform for a novel because it is virtually all dialogue. We only know what the characters themselves know (either they have written the e-mails or they have received them). Granted, we have acess to the e-mail boxes of many characters, so we have slightly more information, but all of the information we're reading was read by at least two characters.

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