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Everyone post the link to your completed final project here, and say what browser to view it in:

jughead's (best viewed in mozilla):

have a great break!

my project


This is the starting page I showed you guys in class for my project:


Do you think it would be better to keep it like this, and have the possibility of clicking five different links that take you to different examples of the types of pages I have, or just have one link that leads you into the first card in my "version" of the story? Actually, yeah, I think I'm going to change it to the second option... I don't want to reveal my Chaos and Order pages right off the bat. Do you guys have any other suggestions? thanks!

wiki content


you win, campagnolo. i've successfully avoided seeing the two girls one cup video up until now. i think we're taking the wiki where no writing machines wiki has gone before... and it's no where i want to be either. have you seen kermit the frog's reaction?

class tomorrow?


uh... what are we doing in class tomorrow? are we supposed to look at something in particular?

oh, and here is that Collaborative Drawing site I was talking about. Check out the animated time-lapse of individual drawings, it's pretty cool.

gobble gobble

a couple questions:

1. is it possible to embed video in the wiki? i've tried it several times and can't figure out how to do it. i also tried to save it to my desktop and then upload it, but apparently you can't dl youtube videos.

2. did any of you check out all of katherine hayles' books from the library? i have a sneaking suspicion, since the due dates aren't until january...

have a good break!

MySpace account makes girl committ suicide


this is highly disturbing:

Real death as a result of a phony MySpace account... be careful who you mess with, campagnolo...

real vs. virtual collaboration

I really enjoyed Rettburg's article for the way it describes all the different facets of collective authorship. I guess I had been thinking of collective narratives mostly in terms of the final product/project, but Rettburg's description of his collaborative process of writing The Unknown sounded much more focused on the actual writing process as a kind of performance. Ranging from "in person get-togethers taking turns at the keyboard" to "collective expeditions" and "sessions with friends," much of the process was live collaboration as opposed to virtual.

my "distributed narrative"

Milliway's Bar:

"a pan-fandom livejournal role playing game." Not quite sure if this is a distributive narrative either, but it's easy to fit almost anything into a category that doesn't seem to have distinct boundaries.

instead of exploding outwards to the world around, this "narrative" takes multiple worlds and implodes them into one...


oh yeah, the survey below is a result of me stumbling upon the survey option in creating content, so sorry for the poll trash. i <3 polls.

my proposal


here we go: my proposal

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