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A side note


Found This working on project.... it was both interesting and irritating.

I thought it was very self-defeating and pompous. Took an interesting premise and butchered it with a strange self-satisfying and superficial analysis. Maybe if anyone has time they can offer their own take.

Wikipedia ban

Here's a piece on wikipedia censuring.

Only an OK article. The article that inspired it is probably worse. I do think both are indicative of a culture that just doesn't get it.

Generative fairytales

This is pretty cool

I think it is ultimately unsuccessful at creating compelling stories, but is an interesting example of what the most basic themes of a fairy tale are, and how they can be created and mixed.

I think it is meaningful to compare multiple generations of the same themes, particularly with their presets, compared to the original. Seemed pertinent to a couple of your projects.

OLPC update

Here is a pretty comprehensive update on what we talked briefly on in class today.

Unbridled cutthroat competition. I like how understated it is at the end about future plans to use intel chips. Really the program just got beat into the ground in the name of corporate interests.

Gotta two part this poll the question is too long

Two fourteen year olds. One New York, One from Zambia. Both have identical natural aptitudes. The New Yorker is middle class, and grew up on dukenukem, and simcity. The Zambian has had avery stable life, with perfectly equal educational experience, except it has had no digital or even electronic component. They enroll in an identical class (ignoring language differences) that teaches only from a book. Will the Zambian learn better because he hasn't instantiated digital logic. Will the New Yorker do better, because digital literacy has provided him with a richer experience?

New Learning techniques(Also a brain break from project!)

Trying to find inspiration for my constantly disintegrating project I stumbled on this site, the purveyor of games that teach algebra and pre-algebra.

The games seem relatively interesting, but nothing special. I was amused/frightened/interested in some of the assertions they make.

Here we go

I think this is really the beginning.

But as interesting and notable as I think this release is, I have written enough uninteresting stuff about electronic books. I really posted this because I want you to watch for the first text to come up on the reader during the promotional video. Yeah they're thinking about it.


So I added some new stuff. Hoping to get some feedback. I introduced narrative in reaction to the fact that I thought the wiki was too sprawling, too tenuously connected to be interesting for me to read. I wanted someway to establish intertextuality between posts beyond the obvious 'quotes about war and love.' I no this is a little antithetical to our interest in exploring the ability of a wiki to defy traditional narrative boundaries. I am not however proposing a turn to a conceived hyper-fiction.



I don't want to post too much on ebooks, but reading this article made me re-realize how interesting I found the subject, and I had a few thoughts I hoped to get some reaction on.

My selection for tomorrow

A Bliography?

Pepys' diary

I find this delightful.
Is it distributed narrative? I think so. It is interesting because of its multiple authorship, and outside linking. Interestingly the primary content was produced in a stuffy journal 400 years ago.

I think the questions of temporality are mesmerizing.

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