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tomorrow's discussion


Thanks for the suggestions you left in the comments on the post below; I think we've got enough material for a couple of weeks of interesting discussions. Why don't we start tomorrow by talking about the Kindle and other such e-book projects (I'm interested both in the projects themselves and in the critical response to them around the blogosphere), and then move on on Wednesday to consider some of the collaborative projects you've posted?

suggested readings


We need to decide tomorrow on what you'd like to read for the week after Thanksgiving. Use the comments on this post to make some suggestions, and we can discuss them tomorrow...

term project assignment


The term project assignment is now posted and linked at the appropriate points in the syllabus. Please let me know if there are questions; we can discuss them in class on Friday.

On Manovich

FYI -- for tomorrow's class, I'm going to want to focus on the introduction and first two chapters ("What Is New Media?" and "The Interface") of The Language of New Media. Come with specific aspects of the text in mind that you'd like to discuss. (In fact, you might begin your discussion of them here...)



Hi, all. Welcome to our course blog. The syllabus is available here (always up top), and I'll be posting other course information and resources here as they arise. You'll also be posting here regularly, both in response to the readings and in whatever other ways you desire. I'll look forward to reading (and writing) more here soon.

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