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v-day events

come to the motley this sunday the 15th at 3pm for a vday fundraiser event!

music will be played, poetry will be read, art and cookies will be sold!

come support an AMAZING cause!  

ALSO you should come see vagina monologues saturday the 21st at 2pm or 8pm!  

(All proceeds from the show and fundraisers will be donated to the City of Hope project in the Democratic Republic of Congo and to House of Ruth!)

The Pillowman

Is a Pomona College theatre production going on this weekend:   there were lines in the play that evoked exactly what Wallace often talks about in his writing–along the lines of selfless love, sacrifice, the capability to truly love someone else other than yourself, the purpose and potential effects of writing (which reminded me of the “Post-Postmodern Discontent:   Contemporary Fiction and the Social World” essay).

On top of that, it was a marvelous play. You should all see it!

It’s located in Harwood basement, 8 PM Friday and Saturday night, and 6 PM Sunday night. It’s free, and go early, because the Harwood basement can only fit so many people in it!