Ziggy is back! The Wire vs. Generation Kill

I’ve only seen the first two seasons of The Wire, so maybe there are other cast members Simon and Burns brought on for Generation Kill, but I immediately noticed the familiar face of Ziggy as a smart mouth soldier. I just saw someone already made a similar observation in a blog post, but the two characters almost seem like the same exact character. Maybe it’s just the range of the actor. Some actors always seem to play more or less the same part thanks to their awkward facial features and vocal intonations. Matthew Lillard comes to mind. Maybe Simon and Burns wrote this part just for Ziggy. I don’t know what happens to Ziggy after season 2 (if anything) but it would be great if he somehow got out of jail to serve in the military. Or, if Burns and Simon had more of a flare for the melodramatic, this could be his long lost twin brother given up for adoption for mysterious reasons.

Besides just seeing characters from The Wire in Generation Kill, you can see the influence from The Wire. I gave up on Generation Kill when it aired because I didn’t really know what was going on or where it was headed after two episodes. I didn’t even give myself that option with The Wire because a) I had to watch it or class and b) everyone had told me it’s just the greatest thing ever. And it was, but you needed to build up some momentum before you could enjoy it and things really picked up the pace. I hope that’s the case with Generation Kill and, feeling so satisfied after each Wire season ends, am very much looking forward to wrapping up this series. ¬†Will it be better than The Wire? Not bloody likely. But even if it’s in the same ballpark it should be quite the ride.

3 responses to “Ziggy is back! The Wire vs. Generation Kill

  1. I was SUPER excited when I saw the actor who played Ziggy in The Wire was in Generation Kill. He definitely has the vibe of someone who everyone thinks is a drug addict but is actually just super weird. I think he even mentions that in episode two. He says something about how he used to debate in high-school but his teammates just thought he was stoned. Of course, it does not surprise me that Simon and Burns chose to portray the novels character this way, even though I had a completely different idea ofthis character from the book. This seemingly defeated but personally triumphant character seems to be pretty important to their style.

  2. I agree with cupofjuice, within Simon’s narrative there seem to be partiuclar character tropes. Within it he establishes municipal leaders and underdog like archetypes, such as Ziggy. However Im not really rooting for ziggy’s character within generation kill, because I dont feel I will have an emotional connection with him. One of the styles of Generational Kill is there is no room to really empathize with the characters

  3. ziggy, a soldier?

    a fucking soldier?!

    jesus, get that shit straight nigga, the character was a god damned Marine