The Bane of my DVD experience

By now, the novelty of the gag reel on a DVD, film or television, is kind of a staple. I know that for me, it’s really hard to watch a show or movie without looking for (or viewing) the collection of flubs from behind the scenes. Though I don’t always go looking for them, my family (notoriously my brother and father) always must see them and are disappointed when they are missing from the menu.

After discussing the Kompare reading and analyzing the pros and cons of the extras on DVD box sets, what do you feel is the place of something like the gag reel? Or other features that are similar/connected? I feel like it’s truly is harder to create comedy than drama, but the gags are to me only the funny mistakes that happened on set. Viewing them before or after the programming can definitely change the perspective of how the media in interpreted.

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