Renting DVD box sets

As I read Publishing Flow, I began to question the effects of renting establishments (Blockbuster, anyone?) on the DVD box set. Kompare briefly mentions these establishments when talking about VHS, but not on his section of the DVD box set. The last time I visited a Blockbuster (years ago) I noticed that they rented out DVD box sets. Customers are able to rent out an entire season of their favorite series for a week period. I assume that Kompare would argue that a week period would not be sufficient time to fully enjoy the box set but it could be enough time for a customer to watch all of the episodes of the season, including the bonus features. And since renting establishments have started to evaporate, it is fair to argue that they haven’t played a big impact on the sells of the box set. But this makes me wonder, why is it that this system hasn’t been successful? Granted that a week renting period causes an inconvenience onto the customer because they have to return the set, it is still a lot cheaper to rent the sets than purchasing them. Customers are still able to admire watch the good quality of the DVD box set without having to spend a lot of money. But for some reason I found it strange when I saw that I was able to rent DVD box sets even though renting the sets would be less painful for my wallet than purchasing them.

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