1. Nick Hornby, “Interview with David Simon.” The Believer. August 2007

An interview with David Simon that traces his career from his beginnings in journalism and discusses the aesthetics of The Wire and his other works.


Oliver Burkeman, “Arrogant? Moi?” The Guardian, Saturday 28 March 2009.

This is another interview with Simon, mostly discussing the wire. I was interested in the parts where Simon discusses his disillusionment with contemporary journalism.


Mark Bowden, “The Angriest Man In Television” The Atlantic, January/February 2008

Yet another interview with Simon. This was interesting because it explicitly references Tom Wolfe and his theories on narrative journalism or “New Journalism” and how Simon fits into that context.


Wolfe, Maria Loukianenko

Maria Loukianenko Wolfe, “That’s Just the Breaks: The Ethics and Representation in Non-Fiction Writing” 2008.

From the abstract:

The purpose of the project was to examine the ethical issues involved in the production and reception of this non-fiction narrative that had transferred real events and people into the public area of communication, through the processes of writing and publishing the memoir.


David Simon, “David Simon’s Testimony at the Future of Journalism Hearing” May 9, 2009

David Simon writes an article on his problems with journalism


Frus, Phyllis, The Politics and Poetics of Journalistic Narrative. New York : Cambridge University Press, 1994

Frus discusses the history of narrative journalism and the responsibility of the observer.


Taylor, Pegi, “Creative Nonfiction” Writer; Feb2002, Vol. 115 Issue 2, p29, 5p, 1 bw

Taylor defines and discusses the history of creative nonfiction.

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