Music in Clockers

Although music can help provoke an emotion from the viewer in a film or television series, I felt that some of the music played in Clockers made scenes awkward for me to watch. Music is played a lot during the film and most times it doesn’t come from a radio in the scene. The music simple begins to play on its own so that it’s not mean to be coming from the world of the film. Instead the music is meant to help the scene but I found it to be quite strange during certain times.

For example, the music in the opening credits of the film doesn’t seem to correlate with the images being shown. The music is upbeat although we are being shown images of being who have been shot. The images are quite gory and instead of thinking about the seriousness of what we are being shown, the type of music being played made me feel confused about Spike Lee’s opinion about death in drug wars.

The scene is similar to the end credits of The Corner. After watching the intense struggles endured by the characters on The Corner, we hear upbeat music while watching old pictures of the people the characters are based on. From our discussion in class we had decided that the music from the credits remind us that we are watching a television program instead of a documentary. Than what is Spike Lee trying to make us think during the intro of The Clockers? We know that the film is based on a fiction novel so we don’t have to be reminded that what we are about to see is not based off of true events.

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