Clockers P.O.V.

Pierce’s writing intrigues me in Clockers because of its distinct writing style. By having dual point of views during the book allows us to see two different worlds simultaneously. This allows us to contrast and compare both of the worlds. Who are the protagonists in each end of the conflict? The victims? The bystanders?  My answer to these questions tends to change as I continue to become involved in each world. Clockers is almost a mix of The Corner and Homicide because it portrays the realistic struggles faced by drug dealers and homicide detectives. It feels as if I am reading two books in one.

The point of view style also makes it distinct that the role of the viewer is to be the observer. In Homicide the television adaptation and book made the viewer feel as if they are one of the detectives on the squad. But Clockers makes it very clear that we are just the observers since we observe two different worlds simultaneously. Pierce doesn’t write as if we are one of Striker’s friends that he works with or part of any legal squad.

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