Term Paper Proposal

I was thinking about Veronica Mars and that Mittell article on genre that we read. I would like to look into how the show complicates the idea of genre by being a kind of “high school film noir mystery” all in one. I would explore how the show fits into the historical trajectory of detective shows in general, and also look at how the structure plays a role. The first two seasons have one big season-long mystery and then “mini-mysteries” for each individual episode. The last season does not have that same structure; there’s no season-long mystery and instead there are mysteries that will last for a few episodes. I’d like to see how this change from the first and second seasons to the third impacted changed the show and played with genre expectations / compared to previous detective shows.

Thanks in advance for any feedback! 🙂

I was thinking about this some more, and I started getting interested in thinking about The Corner as a work of non-fiction being turned into a narrative that purports to be a documentary.  To what extent are the people the book and show are based on authors of their own lives? What does it mean that two outsiders (Simon and Burns) are the ones telling their stories? What does it mean to have that story, in turn, get made into a mini-series? To what extent is authorship a myth? To what extent is the identity of the author important? I think it might be interesting to trace authorship across these adaptations: from real life, to book, to movie, and see what conclusions I draw.

Now I have two really different paper ideas. Help!!

One response to “Term Paper Proposal

  1. Oh, wow. I like both of these ideas. The latter strikes me as having real, compelling possibilities; there’s tons of writing out there on the ethics and mythology of authorship that would help guide you to a fascinating paper — but the first idea is a good one, too, though a little less exciting to me personally, if only because it’s not as well developed as yet, and is a little more compare/contrast. Obviously, I’m leaning toward the second, but I’d love to see the first, too, if that’s where you’d prefer to go. Perhaps you might poke around a bit on both topics and see what’s out there?