South Park

I’d like to take a look at South Park, mainly the authors of the show Matt Stone and Trey Parker. I want to examine how the show started, how it evolved, where it is now and their overall relationship to it/the creative process the whole way. It would also be relevant to look at adaptations of South Park, mainly the South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut film and how writing a movie and learning that kind of structure impacted the format of the series. I’ll also look at the influences of South Park, the influence South Park has left on culture and more importantly what the story of Matt Stone and Trey Parker means to future TV authors of tomorrow.

2 responses to “South Park

  1. This sounds like a compelling project, ddriscoll; South Park is in some sense inseparable from Stone and Parker, and they from it. I’ll look forward to hearing where your research takes you.

  2. I think this is a pretty grand venture to embark on. You may want to become more specific in the questions you arouse. For instance in the question of the influence on culture, what aspects of culture, what local(s), what culture(s). But just as Professor Fitzpatrick, i think this is a wonderful topic.