Excess TV

Lately, it seems like there are a a lot of shows coming out about excess. Shows like Nip Tuck, Californication and Entourage are about the issues and the debauchery that result from having too much money. Reality TV also follows this trend by making shows about the Kardashians and “real” housewives.  I don’t know very much about these particular shows but they they might be able to form a sub genre. However this is just what I gather from reading about the shows and watching previews so I’d like to know what fans of the shows think. Have there always been shows like this or is this new? It also could be that this shows are sometimes deemed excessively graphic unlike shows in the past so I perceive them to be about excess. What do you think? Shows about excess stand out now especially when compared to what we have been watching for class which seem to be about a fundamental lack of information and time in Homicide and a lack of almost everything in The Corner.

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