Response to Williams-Culture

Williams argues that the working class shouldn’t want anything to do with the culture of the bourgeois. I would go further to say that the working class often has a different yet stronger culture, not because of the production as Marx would say, but because of their inaccessibility to other things that they cannot afford. Their lack of money allows them to look for other ways to entertain and preoccupy themselves. A family’s heritage might be one source of culture, but cultural highlights like graffiti, music, and personal culture are much stronger than the culture of the bourgeois.

Another point that Williams brings up is the connection between morality and culture. I cannot think of any arguments for or against and whether or not this is true. Does morality come from a belief system or a cultural reference? It is obvious to say that our culture presents some points of morality in certain light, but how directly does that influence the morality of the people, and of what ages.

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