Male Romance Novel Authors

This is about all the brain power I can muster towards a blog post. But here it is:

a blog about “male authors of romance fiction.

One response to “Male Romance Novel Authors

  1. The most interesting thing about this is not that there are so many male romance writers, but that basically no one knows about them because they all use female pseudonyms–specifically switching the apparent gender of the author. Certainly before reading that I would have said all romance writers are female, since I’ve seen plenty of romance novels’ covers and, yes, read a few. But apparently male writers do exist… they’re just hidden. You have to wonder if they don’t “publicly” own up to it (one commenter certainly does in his blog) because of the societal stigma against men involved in romance, or if because (probably prompted by that same stigma) they don’t think their books would sell because women wouldn’t trust a male author to write a good romance.