I’m not sure if this is a dumb question, but all of the copies of Imagined Communities are checked out from the library. The list of texts available at Huntley doesn’t include it either… Is there anywhere I can get access to the text? Google books goes up to page 39… Thanks!

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  1. I have the book (it was on some apparently secret list at Huntley) and was planning on spending part of today reading it, but as I’m still sick, I’m not sure how much I’m going to be able to get through…if you want to steal it for part of the day, let me know.

  2. Hey there. It should be available at Huntley; your absent-minded prof did order it, but failed to put it on the syllabus as having been ordered. I’m also going to scan the required pages & stick them on Sakai shortly…

  3. Thanks a lot! I’ll go pick it up.

  4. Also thanks so much for the offer Erin!