Blog Status

Hi, all. I thought I’d drop a quick post here (which will remain sticky so that it stays visible) about the status of the blog — or, more specifically, about what your status should be as of right now with respect to the blog. We’re 8 weeks into the semester, which means that, given one post off for fall break, one post off if you’ve taken your freebie, and a couple of comments off just for fun, you should each have produced at least 6 blog posts and 14 comments. You should be able to check your status by clicking on “posts” and “comments” on the dashboard. Remember that the number of blog posts doesn’t include your term paper proposals or bibliographies, which are add-ons.

Most of you are in reasonable shape, but there are a couple of you who are a bit behind. We’ve only got 5 weeks left in the semester, so there’s not much time to get caught up — and I really, really don’t want a flood of posts in the last week of classes to which no one can respond, given that the purpose of the blog is ongoing, consistent discussion. So do try to catch up sooner rather than later.

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