An amazing quote

I’m using Zero Comments by Geert Lovink as one of my sources for the paper. Thought I’d share this quote with you, it is the first paragraph of the Introduction: The Pride and Glory of Web 2.0

“Blogging is a form of vanity publishing: You can dress it up in fancy terms, call it ‘paradigm shifting’ or a ‘disruptive technology’, the truth is that blogs consist of senseless teenage waffle. Adopting the blogger lifestyle is the literary equivalent of attaching tinselly-sprinkles to the handlebars of your bicycle. In the world of blogging ‘0 Comments’ is an unambiguous statistic that means absolutely nobody cares. The awful truth about blogging is that there are far more people who write blogs than actually read blogs.”, The Personal Memoirs of Randi Mooney, posted on May 5, 2005, (14) comments.

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