A proposal of marriage

The first thing that comes to mind, currently, when I think about cultural phenomena is the gay rights movement. In and of itself I find it a fascinating topic, but I never previously thought about the ways it could be connected to Marxism or, conversely, to capitalism. The obvious connections to capitalism involve things like bumper stickers and T-shirts, created and sold and bought, that relate to the movement in some way. These can even be anti-movement things (like “Yes on 8” stickers) because they are still involved in the phenomenon itself. More ideologically, one of the core ideals of capitalism is choice in the market, and similarly promoters of gay rights talk about choosing who to love and the lack of regulation by the government. Many people against the movement, and gay marriage specifically, are afraid that gay marriage will change central ideals of marriage and family (not that those ideals are really in practice . . .), and it very probably will. Similarly, Marxism threatens to change marriage only insofar as to claim that what already basically happens (in his society; I haven’t looked closely enough at mine) would be the right way to do things (recall the part about prostituting wives). More interestingly, and more radically, there are those in the gay rights movement who think that the focus on marriage is the wrong way to go about it because even getting society to recognize gay marriage does not fundamentally change the way society works: marriage is still one of the biggest goals for anyone. Also, fighting for the “right” to marry means fighting to assimilate into current culture rather than fighting to radically change it.

With all this, there are definitely ways to tie the gay rights movement to Marxism. My goal, certainly, is to focus my ideas more about the comparison. It’s all very ambiguous at the moment. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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