postmodern museum?

I don't quite know what the "New Museum" is, but it makes a reference to rhizomes on the front page, so I figured it most be postmodern. Its a new building in New York and I was just wondering if anyone else had heard anything about it.

Beaubourg and architectures role

Reading "The Beaubourg Effect: Implosion and Deterrence," I couldn't help but feel like Baudrillard needs to chill out a little. His hysterical writing gets a bit out of hand! But he makes some interesting observations about the Beaubourg, in relation to architecture, its role, and mass culture. Additionally, he hints at the whole art debate we talked about earlier with Derrida, Lyotard, etc.

Jameson, way to use architecture

Ok! I finally got through the Jameson. I would just like to echo KF's plea that we should NOT ever, under any circumstance, emulate Jameson's writing style. Yuck. That said, I do feel as though Jameson brings up some interesting issues revolving around the "Postmodern" that were especially alluring, namely explorations of the term that involved architecture.

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