Commodity Fetishism vs. Relationship Fetishism

I'm having a hard time accepting Zizek's statement (from p. 25) that "commodity fetishism occurs in capitalist societies, but it capitalism relations between men [and/or other gender identities] are definitely NOT 'festishized.'"

materialism and marxism

3NT, you mentioned in class that for a revolution to be considered marxist it had to be more than just class conflict; the revolution had to incorporate some sort of material basis, usually the workers against the bourgeoise. I was hoping you, or someone else, could expand on that point here.


What if these authors had seen American Beauty?

Let me throw out a disclaimer: This post is long and I would be very impressed if anyone besides KF decides to read the whole thing. That being said, I like the last paragraph the best and the one on Benjamin. So if you decide to even read any farther down my post, thats what I recommend.

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