reality check: cognitive mapping and elder care

This blew my mind!

Check out the article too, but this graphic really crystallizes Jameson's application of the sublime to corporate and capitalist ... morass? Hmm words are failing me today--some combo of morass-labyrinth-towersohighitblotsoutthesun. I'm sure Anderson would have a suggestion here.

Corporate power and state power

I'm curious to hear peoples' thoughts about an interesting passage from the first section of The Postmodern Condition, in which Lyotard argues, apropos of the shift in informational circulation and economic decision-making "beyond the control of the nation-states," that the questions defining our postmodern era will be along the lines of: "Who will have access to [communications satellites and data banks]? Who will determine which channels or data are forbidden? The State? Or will the State simply be one user among others?" (6).

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