Help with becoming-rhizome pt. II

If D&G are affirming the rhizome over the root-tree, which, by the end of the intro to Thousand Plateaus it seems they are, I wonder if this is as subversive as they make it out to be. At times it sounds like 'stick it to power, become rhizome, don't let yourself get hierarchized.' Yet, apropos of the 'is the internet a rhizome?' thread, it seems to me everything is becoming rhizome anyway -- the internet, corporate organization, military organization, guerilla advertising, etc.

help with becoming-rhizome

I'm having trouble figuring out how much of D&G's rhizome v. arborescence, map v. tracing distinction is simply an ontological description and how much is a an affirmation of the rhizome over arborescence, mapping over tracing.

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