help with becoming-rhizome

I'm having trouble figuring out how much of D&G's rhizome v. arborescence, map v. tracing distinction is simply an ontological description and how much is a an affirmation of the rhizome over arborescence, mapping over tracing.

Rhizomatic versus arborescent: let's fight media consolidation

Hooray for the rhizome! While I cannot exactly claim I understood Deleuze and Guattari's (D&G) referent in "Introduction: Rhizome" (was it language, was it The Book, was it grasses and plants??) I did thoroughly enjoy the idea of the rhizome. I read it as a very empowering, grassroots idea for how to begin to tackle the problems we are so entrenched in today, and specifically the very relevant issues of media consolidation currently being discussed by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission).

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