talking about 'reality'...Zizek contd.

Oh how time does pass...I meant to post after class on Monday about some things I had been pondering. Please chime in if you're still interested in chatting about Zizek, etc.

Pretty good visual of the Lacanian Real


Hey, I found this online, and I thought it was a lot cleaner and clearer of a representation of the Lacanian Real (and all the concomitant desiring lacking identification processes) than the 'evolving paperclip' diagrams in Zizek, so I thought I'd share it:

--Guattari Hero

Disneyland, Video Games and Reality TV: Opposition Blurred

Baudrillard's assessment of Disneyland (p. 12) as the explicit fantasy against which our simulated 'reality' is defined as 'real' resonates in vary tangible ways. I have been working to apply this 'real indicated by opposition' framework into other avenues of the spectacle society.

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