bare life = blank surface = Muselmann?

Another idea I'd love to hear thoughts on is the connection between the condition of being as bare life and as Harraway's "blank surface" for inscription by power. In both cases, I read the situation as one in which a medium of separation between power and the rawest existence of human life seems to have been displaced.

dialectics, rupture, the old and the new

Something I found interesting was Huyssen's statements about the institutionalization of the avantgarde. While this is an idea that we've run into before, reading Harraway gave me something of new take on the phrase "the dialectic between the avantgarde and mass culture". This is something we've kind of discussed in class, maybe less in the Adorno high/low culture sense and more just in general belief that someone, somewhere, must give a challenge to the inequalities of late capitalist cultural production methodologies.

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