Pretty good visual of the Lacanian Real


Hey, I found this online, and I thought it was a lot cleaner and clearer of a representation of the Lacanian Real (and all the concomitant desiring lacking identification processes) than the 'evolving paperclip' diagrams in Zizek, so I thought I'd share it:

--Guattari Hero

Sorry, could you explain?

I think it's the same idea...

Clearly, Leonardo is the kernel of the Real lurking behind the dancing fantasy of Michelangelo and his injunction to enjoy.

A heart boner, perhaps?

There were a few points in this reading where I had to stymie the trivializing "I can parse academic distinctions on a smaller scale than anyone ever!" reaction to Zizek/Lacan; the graphs and mathematical notations were the main offenders.

All I could think when I first saw this was "You're very clever, young man; it's turtles all the way down."