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Trevor Axford

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Trevor Axford, aka Axhandle, is #4-A in the ETA's 18-and-unders and is sponsored by Prince and Reebok (266). He is close friends with Hal Incandenza and Michael Pemulis, and aside from Pemulis, Axford is the only one who knows about Hal's secret marijuana habit. Additionally, he is supposed to try the DMZ with Pemulis and Hal (213). While watching the Eschaton game, Axford drinks spiked Gatorade and passes a duBois to Hal.

When he was a child, Axford "fell off his bike onto his head and received a tiny lesion type brain injury after which all food everywhere tastes horrible to him... it tastes the way vomit smells" (628). Now, Axford "eats and eats with the neutral joyless expression of somebody dispensing fuel into his car" (628). He derives no pleasure from food, and consumes out of necessity, making the act as automatic and unconscious as possible to avoid the displeasure of it.

The idea of not taking pleasure from consumption is rare, if not unique, in Wallace's work. The entire culture of Infinite Jest is about both consumption and the pleasure of returning to infantilism. The fact that Axford does not take physical or sensory pleasure out of food in the way normal people do is certainly notable.