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Infinite Jest V, aka The Entertainment, is a lethal film by James Incandenza. According the the filmography in footnote 24, it was Incandenza's last film before he died. The Entertainment is lethal in its capacity to entertain: those who watch the film enjoy it so much that they become obsessed with rewatching it. As a result they lose all desire for any other activity, including essentials such as eating, drinking and sleeping.

Throughout the novel, the A.F.R. attempt to locate the master copy of Infinite Jest in order to use it as a weapon against the U.S.

Content of Infinite Jest

The film consists of three scenes, all featuring a woman, played by Joelle van Dyne a.k.a "Madame Psychosis." The first scene involves Joelle and an unknown acquaintance passing through a revolving door endlessly to try to reach each other. The second involves Joelle, sitting naked at a table, explaining to the camera that she is Death, and that the woman who kills you becomes your mother in your next life. The final scene involves Joelle standing over what is intended to be an infant. The view is shot from below--the camera was placed in either a stroller or bassinet--and it is slightly wobbly and blurred, as to emulate the way an infant views the world. Incandenza had a specially modified lens to achieve this effect.

By replicating the experience of an infant, the Entertainment offers the viewer the opportunity to return to that narcissistic state, in which the mother fulfills all the child's needs. The first scene of the film implies its recursive nature, locking mother and child in an endless cycle of death and narcissism, while at the same time offering an apology for that recursion.

Pages 938-940 feature an interview of Joelle Van Dyne talking about the film and her role it.

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