Les Assassins des Fauteuils Rollents

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Les Assassins des Fauteuils Rollents ("the Wheelchair Assassins" in English, aka the A.F.R.), are an extremist Canadian terrorist cell in David Foster Wallace's novel Infinite Jest. Their primary goal throughout the novel is to obtain the master copy of the videotape Infinite Jest (often referred to as the samizdat).

The stated aims of the A.F.R are: the return of Reconfigured territories back to America, the cessation of the U.S. launching of waste into Canada, and the secession of Canada from O.N.A.N. Endnote 304 (pp 1055-1062) features an essay which details the history, goals, and nature of the A.F.R. Interestingly, the author of this essay is Geoffrey Day, an Ennet House resident.

Known members: