Joelle Van Dyne

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Joelle Van Dyne is a critical secondary character in Infinite Jest

Infinite Jest (film)

She is featured prominently in James Incandenza's film titled Infinite Jest. She uses her stage name, Madame Psychosis. Joelle plays the role of Death/Mother. Her role in the film, and the nudity involved, are suspected causes for Orin having broken up with her and are rumored to have angered and frustrated Avril Incandenza, James's wife, as well.

Alcoholics Anonymous and Ennet House

Don Gately spots her at his AA meetings in Boston. She had overdosed at a different rehab facility and was brought under special care to Ennet House. Joelle battles depression, and is a vehicle through which David Foster Wallace can examine the intense anxieties, loneliness, and frustration that comes with depression (as well as a lack of communication).

She immediately catches the eye of fellow addict Ken Erdedy (of the famous 'waiting for the weed-lady' scene p17-27). -pages 364-368

The Prettiest Girl of All Time

She is known to Orin Incandenza as The Prettiest Girl of All Time (The P.G.O.A.T.). This is significant in that Orin Incandenza suffers from tremendous sexual dysfunction, similar to some characters in Brief Interviews with Hideous Men. He cannot become truly connected to anyone. He calls his sexual partners "Subjects." But Joelle falls outside of this whole dynamic, and she is the ultimate cause of Orin's personal anxieties and sexual dysfunction.