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Bruce Green is a member of Ennet House, and an auxiliary character in Infinite Jest.

As a child, he fell in love with Mildred Bonk, a beauty with an unfortunate name, and has a tattoo (noticed by Tiny Ewell) to commemorate his feeling. In high school, Bonk fell in with the wrong crowd, and Green adjusted his own attitude in order to follow her. They married, had a baby girl, and lived in a trailer park. Green got a menial job and Bonk continued her drug habit at home.

Once he enters Ennet House, Green spends time with Randy Lenz, and reveals that he cannot remember his dreams, or perhaps cannot even dream at all. Later in the novel, however, he is shown having nightmares about the death of his parents.

He smokes constantly and consistently keeps a "gasper" prepared behind his ear for the moment that he finishes the cigarette currently being smoked. He had developed a nasty cocaine habit that landed him in Ennet House, but has since adopted Gately's turn-of-phrase that "if Boston AA is like a cult that brainwashes you, [Green] guesses he'd got himself to the point where his brain needs a good brisk washing" (562).

Green also reveals the bizarre fate of his parents. His mother died of cardiac arrest when on Christmas morning she opened a can of nuts with a coiled-spring-snake inside. His father was so affected with rage, guilt, and anxiety that he loaded some fake cigars with lethal explosives at the joke factory where he worked, and got caught and executed after the cigars killed several people. Bruce Green now lives with incredible guilt, pain, self-loathing, and anxiety due to his participation in the gift giving that cost his mother her life.