The Social Side of Level Up

Had I left high school 1 year early, I would have missed out on a lot of social activity and learning (Although I learned A LOT more at college). I like the idea of the wiki site and mentors to help transition, but are there other things that students are missing out on and that perhaps they can still be included in (if they choose to)?

After school clubs that help the community
Sports teams
Formal dances

I imagine they could participate in these events if they choose to. What else are we missing?

2 responses to “The Social Side of Level Up

  1. mdimopoulos

    There is nothing stopping the community engaged through the forum the site provides in offering local chapter meet-ups, ad-hoc sports teams and the like since it was centrally focused on Idaho; accordingly, it might get a little more challenging if it was opened up on the national level.

  2. I think the worry about youth missing out on social activities is well-intentioned but unnecessary. Those who choose to leave high school early are most likely not invested in the notion of high-school watershed moments to begin with. For example, activities like prom, clubs, or after-school sports were insignificant to me.

    Granted, I did feel very alienated when I found myself alone in a sea of 18-20 year olds, but that is why I turned to online forums where my age group flourished to solidify how I identified myself politically, socially, and personally.