Level Up

The research proposal Level Up”” affirms how technology is becoming the fourth “R” in education. Technology can no longer been ignored or perceived as a social tool. Policy makers need to be brought to the digital media realm. I can see the use of establishing online community where students can meet both socially and for educational purpose…Knowing that there are other students who share same aspirations/goals. Or as referenced in class, students who struggle in traditional setting having a forum that can serve as a support system. I thought the Idaho pilot will be truly complete if the technology (community) is included.

2 responses to “Level Up

  1. nlyonssmith

    My day job is a substitute teacher (I’m a superhero at night) and I absolutely see the need for teachers to be using technology in class to stimulate students’ learning. I work in a relatively well-off community and there is actually a cart of mac books that travels from room to room for students to use. Last month I saw 6th graders writing digital responses to prompts in their history class.

    Teaching them history is great. Really what we want to teach them is how to be successful, and using technology to do that is an excellent path because they will undoubtedly be using it in the future.

  2. mdimopoulos

    I believe any steps taken to further engage students in technology in order to better themselves is beneficial but let’s not forget however that access does not always equal proficient use or understanding. The teachers who refuse to check email and the students who don’t have reliable power (rural) or internet access (poverty) are still out there.

    You can give a person a laptop but you can’t make them blog…