Stories in Tattoos

Shelley Jackson experiments with new ways to write. One of her recent projects is called "Skin" -- a story in tattoos on the bodies of 2095 volunteers. Her website has links to other experiments, such as a collaboration with her sister about dolls. She is particularly interested in the the spatial aspect of writing, using different areas (such as the web or human skin) to express her ideas.

I found Shelley Jackson through the Iowa Review Web which has links to other writers and artists who are experimenting with online forms of writing. Particularly interesting is Nick Montfort who wrote an interactive fiction game, and all sorts of interaction online literature.

I think you didn't format your hyperlinks the right way - I try clicking on them, but nothing happens. I don't know how to write here the correct way to make a link without actually making a link and thereby defeating my purpose.

That Nick Montfort stuff does look cool. He even won some sort of award apparently. The process of downloading the file and the interpreter, however, in order to read the thing, seems hopelessly complicated. If anyone can figure it out, please tell the rest of us.

I've fixed the links in the main post. Remember that links begin with <a href="url"> and end with </a>.